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Sean Barlow

Would you reverse the removal of the spare room subsidy, and all the other benefit cuts imposed by the coalition, including supporting the repealing of the Welfare Reform Act 2012?

No. It is not a 'bedroom tax' it is an adjustment to bring housing benefit for all claimants into line. Why should a privately renting tenants be penalised for having excessive accommodation for their needs while tenants in alternative accommodation receive subsidised rents? If you want spare unused rooms, when the taxpayer is helping to fund them, then unfortunately you must fund them yourself. There are single people living in 3/4 bedroom houses, on subsided rents, when families are in need of the space to bring up children. It makes sense to encourage them to consider downsizing. similar to the homeowners that often make that decision.

On the Welfare Reform Act. Well done Ian Duncan Smith for bringing to a halt the scandalous situation whereby benefit claimants could enjoy living better that the average working man or woman. No able person should be better off laying about at home while their neighbour goes out and does a 40 + hour week to earn their crust for the same lifestyle. There are still people liberty taking and the sooner they are sorted the better I will like it. All my family have worked hard and I can't see why they should pay tax to keep people who have no intention of doing so. There are plenty of safety nets for the truly needy. Unfortunately some of those claiming to be 'needy' have multiple children they cannot afford, smoke and drink and then complain bitterly that they are 'hard up'. Sorry as a woman that worked 14 hour days to look after my family of three children after my husband died at age 36 years my response to them is 'TOUGH'.

10/04/2015 18:54
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Linda Kendall


Denesh Bhabuta

On immigration, you say, "Everyone knows this is the most serious issue currently facing our country." Really? Please expand on why you think this to be the case when there are many many other issues which are much more important.. health, education, defence, crime, economy.. I can go on

500,000 mostly unskilled, low wage immigrants arrived in the UK last year. They need homes, hospitals, schools for their children ( the immigrant birth rate is far higher than the indigenous people). I believe this is a major concern for the vast majority of the people of the UK.
The suggested benefits to the economy, of this low wage influx, is not as might be expected be cause they are entitled to claim 'in work' social security benefits that often exceed their earned income. We are paying taxes that fund 'shareholders' in large corporations (often based overseas such as Starbucks) by enabling them to employ this cheap labour force.

The increasing pressure on the accident and emergency departments, in the South East, is largely due to this mass immigration. Often newcomers are not settled in one location so do not register with doctors for their medical requirements so use the hospitals as the first place of call.

Recent arrivals are bringing elderly parents, who are in ill-health, to this country to take advantage of the system the indigenous have paid into for generations. They are a drain on our society without having contributed one penny. This is simply wrong. I can think of no other country that allows this to occur.

10/04/2015 18:28
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Linda Kendall